Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yoga Pants !

Somebody said this looks like Japanese martial arts uniform, 

but that would not be too wrong! 
Clean, comfortable and practical. In yoga also, white is popular color symbolizing the purity.

So these pants, I made with a family in Auroville, a spiritual town in South India. 
(I already wrote about this town here only a little bit, but later more.)

When my energy by itself tuned in towards creative activity more, I happened to find this beautiful town (it is quite popular though), and little by little, it has been shaped up. 

These pants are a bit more kawaii, cuter than martial arts uniform.

Detail of pants follows :-)


In India or lately, I luckily receive more opportunities to be creative. 

They just come all of sudden, and with much gratitude, I try to receive them and do my best in my own way happily.
It is creation from blessing of nature and warmth of people's hands. Each one of them is made with love. Circle of smile, to you & from you______We hand crafted the yoga pants by weaving certified organic cotton grown in South India. Cotton is durable, high in breathability and water absorption, which is most suitable for yoga wear. Hand-weaving makes the touch so soft, gentle and smooth. We carefully chose the yarn so as not to see through in white color.

Waist is ready to fit with an easy drawstring. Sizes are loose fitting to move comfortably in a motions like yoga.  The design is functional and stylish with rectangle pockets in the front, for a  sharp line on the thigh area and the back fake pockets make the hip line nice and curvy.


I am not receiving profit on these. 

The family who weave cotton has certification of fair trade. 
We wish to create the circle of happiness with nature and people. 
If you are interested to support, please come to Sivananda Yoga Tokyo center and check them out!

Also this amazing Yoga mat.
Your prana will be woven in the fabric and makes it even more special.