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【Retreat】Rishikesh 10-17 Feb 2018


~ 8 Days Historic Trip, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat Rishikesh, India ~ 

Dates : February 10 - 17, 2018
Visiting Cities : Rishikesh, Delhi

Rishikesh, India is an entrance of Himalayas and it has been a yogic destination from ancient time for the personal sadhana. The whole energy there will assist our yoga path to be deepened and expand inward. Inhale deep and exhale deep. That is all you need to do and just sit with Ganga river who is warmly welcome and embrace the yogis and yoginis and purify all our emotions.

Namah Shivaya Yoga Founder Yoga Acharya Tej has been conducting India Retreat since 2010. It is an wonderful experience to all the participants from different countries from USA, Mexico, Cananda, Japan & India and more.

The place we stay is a quiet and cozy guest house. Very clean and neat yet hidden in the nature and perfect for silent meditation. A spacious yoga hall is attached with a Ganges view in front. It is built right on the bank of Ganges, so in the morning everyone loves to walk down to the beach and sit and meditate peacefully. Home made food is so delicious. Breakfast includes fresh fruits, oatmeal, Indian pancakes, variety of herbal teas and chai. Lunch and dinner includes salads, vegetables, dal soup (bean soup), Indian bread and brown rice and more.

Daily meditation, pranayama practice at the bank of Ganges, Asana classes, Chakra yoga, Excursion to Goddess Temple & Waterfall, Practice of Mauna (Silence). Delicious exotic food and more !

Day 1 ( Saturday Feb 10 2018 ) Arrival in New Delhi /Overnight in Delhi
Day 2 ( Feb 11 )Depart for Rishikesh/Lunch at Rishikesh
Day 3 ( Feb 12 ) Satsang , meditation, pranayama practice at the bank of Ganges, morning Asana class,
Day 4 ( Feb 13 ) Silent meditation walk to Waterfall. Chakra Yoga and evening Asana Class
Day 5 ( Feb 14 ) Satsang, Meditation, Asana Class and Chakra Meditation
Day 6 ( Feb 15) Chakra Meditation and practice of mouna
Day 7 ( Feb 16 ) Visit Sivananda Ashram
Day 8 ( Saturday Feb 17 ) Depart for Delhi /Lunch at Delhi/ Shopping and Transfer to Airport for departure to USA/Japan/Mexico

Our food is completely Vegetarian prepared in keeping with sattvic ayurvedic recipes. Fresh fruits, cereals, whole grains, legumes and delicious vegetarian pizzas. Vegan and Gultenfree can be prepared.

Fee : 989 USD Only
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「 リシケシヨガリトリート」に参加しませんか?

旅程   2018年 2月10日(土)〜17日(土) 7泊8日(うちリシケシュ滞在は6泊)
滞在都市 デリー、リシケシ



参加費  118,000円

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